Sunday, January 08, 2006

Review of Netherfield Ball dance

Here is a review of the Netherfield Ball dance. I can't believe 1,781 words could possibly be written about such a short scene!

The choice of dance is perfect, as many have noted. Wonderful music ("Mr Beveridge's Maggot"), with charm and dignity, and simple but beautiful patterns of movement. I agree entirely with Andrew Davies' comment that the steps of the dance echo a combat, a fencing match, the steps of a matador (eg, that wonderful arm posture as they make their turns - very pasa doble!). All that touching and turning and hand holding and weaving around one another is almost erotic, as well as combative, and is as significant as the dialogue in developing this stage of their relationship.

Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle are very graceful dancers. Logically, of course, the dance should not have ended when it did. They may stop and bow with confidence because the choreographer told them to, but they should have continued until they were at the head of the line again. I love the expression on Darcy's face while he waits gravely to bow at the beginning - one of those editing choices I marvel at.

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