Friday, January 20, 2006


Laura S. Moncur of The Quotations Page admits to being a Janeite despite (gasp) not being a "frilly girl"....

I don't like dresses or pretty things. I fantasize about setting fires more than men. I enjoy learning about hoaxes and scams much more than learning about manners and correct speech. I find no interest in romance, because I'm too busy accruing interest in finance. I enjoy my life as a woman who can do whatever she wants in this world. Why, then, do I like Jane Austen's novels?

Er, because of all of the above? Besides the pyromania. And because of the below:

I must admit that this rendition of Pride and Prejudice is what started it all for me. Seeing Jennifer Ehle play the feisty Elizabeth Bennett made me love Jane Austen. Colin Firth plays a dark and brooding Mr. Darcy with curly locks and glaring glances. I bought this set at full price and it was well worth it.

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Cynthia said...

There is not a better film than 1995 Pride and prejudice. Not only is Jennifer superb, but ALL OF THE ACTORS made me want to watch more English made movies! Can anyone recommend movies that are nearly as great as this?