Monday, January 09, 2006

Rosemary Harris and John Cullum on ATW radio

The American Theatre Wing's radio program Downstage Center features Rosemary Harris and John Cullum.

Stage veterans Rosemary Harris and John Cullum talk about meeting for the very first time to play husband and wife in Ariel Dorfman's The Other Side, discuss their feelings about seeing their children follow in their acting footsteps, and recall the subdued 1966 Tony Awards, when Cullum was nominated for On a Clear Day...and Harris won for The Lion in Winter.

Here's the direct link to the 12.1mb mp3 file. It's 41 minutes long. Right click (ctrl-click on Mac) and choose "save (link) as".

[edit: I've excerpted the bit where Ms Harris talks about her daughter; it's a 927kb mp3 file. I really recommend you download the full interview though, especially if you're interested in seeing The Other Side. Incidentally, the play is closing on January 15th not 21st as previously announced]

[edit #2: there's also a streaming RealMedia version of the interview at the ATW site]

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