Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Camomile Lawn reviews

No prizes for guessing what DVD just arrived in the mail yesterday (yay!). Can't find many full-length reviews, just lots of smallish ones.

  • From a Richard Johnson appreciation page
    5 stars. One of those little gems that creep up on you. A strong ensemble piece driven by the great British theatre director, Peter Hall, this five-hour mini-series follows the lives of about a dozen people from the eve of World War ll through the war. The final hour of the series catches up with them in present day. The cast is a most formidable one, all the younger actors are exceptional, but what makes it most interesting is to see how the older actors have each taken on the various characteristics of their young counterparts from the past. The people the young characters have grown into are real extensions of them. Most of the cast was unfamiliar to me with the exception of Claire Bloom (who is wonderful as always), Rosemary Harris and Tara Fitzgerald (also both wonderful). But the actresses, Rebecca Hall and Jennifer Ehle are definitely two new talents to watch out for! Oh yes, Richard Johnson is extremely enjoyable as the surly but lovable present-day Oliver.

  • Total DVD
    This 1992 series is largely remembered as the TV debut of voluptuous Jennifer Ehle, who along with co-star Tara Fitzgerald gets plenty of chances to disrobe. A clich├ęd tale of a family torn apart by the Second World War, the story of five cousins from the Cuthbertson family is told in flashback. As war breaks out, upper lips are not the only things that remain stiff, and much ghastly beastliness of the bedroom variety ensues. Totalling 264 minutes on two discs, this is decent value for money and will entertain lovers of steamy costume drama. Picture is a little grainy but bright and colourful, and sound is clear

  • Buyer reviews from EasyCinema
    Most folk will have seen this and enjoyed this on TV when first released. I found it well acted and paced the first time around. My overall appreciation on this second viewing was even more pronounced. Sadly not many TV productions are in this class.

  • From Memorable UK TV
    Period drama serial. The convoluted and surprisingly explicit love lives of a group of cousins just before and during World War II. The series garnered quite a bit of controversy (and publicity) thanks to its frankness with language and sex scenes.

  • Finally, not exactly a review, but an article about sex on the small screen. The (rather frank) dialogue from one of Ms Ehle's scenes is quoted. Click through to see for yourselves!
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