Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Andrew Davies Q&A report

This is a report from Pemberlean Mary-L, who attended a talk by Andrew Davies.

Some background on CF's role as Darcy: AD said that CF's previous career had been as a character actor, not a leading man, and that Sue Birtwhistle (P&P2 producer) had persuaded him to consider the role. He had not read any Austen; he then read P&P but not far enough to know if Darcy gets Elizabeth, when he agreed to do the role. Then he found out from the script how the story turns out. AD referred to CF as "rather sweet" in going on to read all six novels and coaching Jennifer Ehle in her part as EB. (He also referred rather pointedly to their relationship during filming.)

There's also another Ehle-related report from a visit to Sudbury.

There was an exhibit from Pride and Prejudice on the upper floors. This included correspondence arranging for the use of the hall, some script pages, publicity shots and candid photos (including one of Jennifer Ehle in costume wearing a huge hair net and smoking a cigarette). Some of the P&P costumes were also on exhibit: Mrs. Hurst’s orange number, a Mrs. Bennet dress, Mr. Bingley’s wedding clothes, Elizabeth’s muslin gown with the floral print and her wedding dress.


Geekgirl said...

Hi there,

Does this mean that Jennifer is/was a smoker?

Anonymous said...

I know she was a big smoker. If you read some of her older interviews there's references to her smoking.
Hopefully, since she's had a baby she has quit.

Jennite said...

She blows pretty impressive smoke rings in TCL!

In an old interview she said she was trying to quit...I reckon she would have by now. She seems pretty health conscious in the fan interview.