Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stoppard in the Game of Love

Going back seven years this April, here is what Logan Hill of NY Magazine had to say at the time of The Real Thing's opening on Broadway:

...the downright passionate The Real Thing explodes some myths about the inner lives of outwardly brilliant people. The 'real thing' of this ferociously written play is, of course, that thing called love, and Henry (Stephen Dillane), the play's sarcastic protagonist, just happens to be an exceptionally witty and erudite playwright. Henry divorces his wife when he falls in love with a younger actress, Annie (Jennifer Ehle), who summarily dumps her overeager chump of a husband. As the play tracks Henry's life with Annie, the most insincere and ironic characters - especially Henry - somehow seem to be the most in touch with their feelings. In a way, Stoppard rips romance right out of the dopey clutches of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and posts a valentine for the brainiacs. "Intellectuals are notorious for their untidy lives," Stoppard says. ... But don't look for more moonstruck Bards. Stoppard explains,"I never subscribed to the theory that plays become better as they become more emotional".
Meanwhile, the aforementioned Charlie Rose interview with Mr Stoppard should be airing at 22.30 tonight (ET). Utopia is the topic!

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