Friday, February 02, 2007

Salvage and Something Different

For a change, here's a blog review on Bedrooms and Hallways:
This is another of our films, which I finally got around to watching yesterday. And I loved it! It's a very witty, if altogether implausible, romantic comedy about a group of tangled-up thirtysomethings in London, from director Rose Trouch (who also did Go Fish). It's definitely worth checking out (if you're willing to overlook the far-fetched boy-meets-girl-meets-boy-meets-boy pansexuality of the whole thing).

And the cast - oh my, check out this ensemble: curly-haired cutie Kevin McKidd, who was in Trainspotting, among a million other films, and now stars in the HBO series Rome; pretty boy James Purefoy, from Mansfield Park and Vanity Fair, who ALSO now stars in Rome; the unbelievably adorable Tom Hollander, better known as the loathsome Lord Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean - or the equally loathsome Mr. Collins in the most recent Pride & Prejudice...(though he's the cutest little queen in this film!); a shockingly hunky Hugo Weaving (who plays this sex-crazed real estate agent who runs around town getting it on with the aforementioned Lord Beckett/Mr. Collins in his clients' houses); and a BLONDE Jennifer Ehle, who we all know and love as Elizabeth Bennet from the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice (and who looks upsettingly like Meryl Streep as a blonde)

But back to the usual, Salvage review at Little Miss Nomad, though, it's not very nice about the entire trilogy.

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