Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saving the best til last?

Oooh, scary!
Ok, what have we today?

Brendan Lemon speaks about the first marathon, which took place last Saturday. Cast member Denis Butkus gives his opinion on how the day went, with other cast members to give their views at a later date.

The LCT Multimedia section now also has a 'view scenes from' Shipwreck video, which unless I'm much mistaken differs from the aforementioned Broadwayworld one.

Boris Kachka of New York magazine has a useful little piece entitled The Men of Utopia: Who's Who in the Cast. I know the men are more important in this instance, but how about one for the ladies perhaps?!

Review-wise, Michael Bracken of Metro New York is a little disappointed with the plot.

Edward Rothstein in the NY Times has a mixed but well-written article about Herzen, Stoppard, and even parallels between them at one point! Be sure to view the audio slide show on the left-hand side - it is only two minutes long but is a brilliant little commentary by Jack O'Brien along with photos, a few of which are previously unseen.

Meanwhile on the NY Times reader review section, 31 people have rated Salvage and have given it an average of 3.93 stars out of 5. Not bad?! That places it at number 13 out of the 31 Broadway shows currently open. (Shipwreck is at number 19; Voyage at 23.) So at least as far as NY Times readers go, it seems to be a case of saving the best til last...

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