Friday, February 16, 2007

Some woman

  • Enormo overview of the Coast of Utopia trilogy at Roscoe Writes with a positive mention of Jennifer Ehle in Salvage but critical overall about it. Aaron Riccio sez Salvage is a must-see. He's also got a small photo from the show, one of the first.
  • Valentines Day brought a surge of blog posts about Pride and Prejudice. Blogher reports on the mini vs movie blogwar (note the comments at Women of Colour about "some woman").
  • Report from the LCT's Platform Series Q&A with Tom Stoppard at All That Chat. Taste:
    [...] He was asked about the scene between Herzen and Bakunin at the end of Shipwreck where Herzen imagines Bakunin's presence. He said it was a matter of practicality, a device to keep Bakunin's presence active in the play even though, being imprisoned hundreds of miles away, he wouldn't be present otherwise. He noted that Billy Crudup and Amy Irving, both of whose characters die between parts two and three, had suggested some kind of dream ballet to get them into the third part (joking, of course). [...]
  • Update at the LCT blog about Onegin playing at the Met. And a digression on how Pushkin=JT. Speking of Onegin, just found the Charles Johnston translation of the poem online, it's the bomb.
  • Apparently there was a reshoot of a scene in Pride and Glory recently. (see also)
  • Need we remind you? Salvage is opening on Sunday Feb 18th.

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