Thursday, February 22, 2007

Signing Off

Hello bloggers,
Unfortunately (as you may have been able to notice with the lack of posting from my side), real life has overcome my internet life and I no longer have the luxury of continuing to contribute to the blog.

It's very sad to see this come to an end and I have made wonderful friendships through our common interests. How exciting is everything Tina started? How much of a roller-coaster ride did she take us on? That's something I'll never forget.

Thank-you Tina, for your support, friendship and kindness (that side will not end) and for starting the blog. Thanks Abi for stepping in and really carrying on the great things that have happened so far. I look forward to really meeting both of you (in person) in the future. I will still hang around the forum as much as I can, but as far as posting goes, this is the last one from me unfortunately!

So, indeed it is not goodbye, but as the french have it, "Au Revoir!"


Abi said...

Hi Cherry!

I love that P&P finale quote you put there! Awww its sad to see you go, but yes def keep in touch via the forum / AIM etc and if you do end up coming to England, don't hesitate to give me a bell! Good luck for future etc! We'll miss you!

Lots of love, Abz xxxxx

Kate said...

Bye Chelsea! We'll miss you! Thanks for all of the work you've done keeping us up to date about JE :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the help you've given on this blog!