Monday, March 13, 2006

Nothin' Like a Dame stage door

Thanks to Kerry who posted this in one of the comments below. It's reproduced here in case people don't read the comments.

Hey I just thought I post a little stage door encounter -after the Nothin' Like A Dame show. I stumbled onto this site about two days before the show and as a Ms. Ehle fan thought I should go see it. I was actually looking up trivia about The River King - which I had just watched. Anyway, the show was extremely good and I had a lot of fun. Afterwards I waited to get an autograph and she was extremely polite. This is considering the fact I had planned on being very cool and casual but when push came to shove I barely got the words out to ask for her autograph!! Ms. Ehle is the only celebrity I have ever met let alone tried to encounter. The whole time I was overcome with the thought "WOW she's really tall." As a note - be prepared if you meet her - she's really tall! Her mother was equally as pleasant and now I have some very nice pictures! an extra tidbit Rosemary Harris asked me which direction 8th Ave was after taking a picture with her --- they were headed to the cast party.

She also sent in these fab photos and adds:

If you make captions for [the photos] you should reference the fact that I was a complete studdering fool (couldn't even look her in the eye) and my entire family now makes fun of me. Well worth it though.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Lucky gal! Thanks for sharing. Did she give any more details--did she ask Jennifer any questions?

Jennite said...

I asked her, and she said she didn't ask any questions.