Wednesday, March 29, 2006

About time

At last, Australia's going to get The River King on DVD. It was rated M by the Office of Film and Literature Classification for "moderate coarse language, suicide theme, moderate violence" on January 20th 2006. Network Video has the release date as April 12th. They review it thusly:

Ed Burns (no relation to C. Montgomery) shows flashes of why he was so highly regarded following The Brothers McMullen, and he really should be acting in higher profile movies than this; in fact the same could be said for Jennifer Ehle as well. Fundamentally there’s nothing wrong with The River King, but it just lacks that spark that’ll really draw viewers in. For thriller fans however, this is a movie that most will enjoy, even if it won’t be truly memorable.

The film's also out in Belgium. The British release date seems to have been moved from June 26th to July 17th according to It's still not listed at the BBFC though.

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