Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And a bit of meat

To compensate. This 1994 article, from Raleigh's News & Observer, recounts the story behind the making of The Journey of August King and particularly the friendship between John Ehle and producer Borden Mace.

Some quotage about Jennifer Ehle's part in bringing her dad's book to the screen:

For nearly two years, Mace shopped the project. He snagged actor Sam Waterston as a fellow producer, but despite several close calls -- including one with Miramax -- the deals fell through.

Then came some unexpected help from Ehle's actress daughter, Jennifer, who was living in London. Harvey Weinstein, one of the heads of Miramax, was interested in casting her in a movie, Ehle says. She was tied up with other projects, but she showed Weinstein a copy of her father's "August King" script.

Weinstein loved it and brokered the deal that allowed Mace's team to remain. The film would be made after all.

AFAIK, which is not far, she hasn't done any Miramax films yet (though there was a connection with Possession).

Reminder: the Nothin' Like a Dame event is in exactly a week. Both Ms Ehle and Rosemary Harris will be in it. It's the first time the former has been on Broadway since 2001. It's for a good cause. Go.

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