Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nothin' Like a Dame reports

  • Broadwayworld reports that the charity show raised a whopping $300 000 for The Phyllis Newman Women's Health Initiative.
  • Recap of all the night's acts on Broadway Pulse
  • Review from Broadwayworld forum members who attended.
    Cynthia Nixon, Julianna Margulies and Jennifer Ehle read a section of "The Heidi Chronicles" as a tribute to Wendy Wasserstein... I wasn't sure how they were going to do a tribute to her in the middle of a show that was mostly singing, but, I thought it worked well.
    The Wendy Wasserstein Tribute was really good too, as perhaps embarassingly, I'm not familiar with "The Heidi Chronicles." Twas a great monolugue shared by the 3 performers.

    Kerry said...

    Hey I just thought I post a little stage door encounter -after the Nothin' Like A Dame show. I stumbled onto this site about two days before the show and as a Ms. Ehle fan thought I should go see it. I was actually looking up trivia about The River King - which I had just watched. Anyway, the show was extremely good and I had a lot of fun. Afterwards I waited to get an autograph and she was extremely polite. This is considering the fact I had planned on being very cool and casual but when push came to shove I barely got the words out to ask for her autograph!! Ms. Ehle is the only celebrity I have ever met let alone tried to encounter. The whole time I was overcome with the thought "WOW she's really tall." As a note - be prepared if you meet her - she's really tall! Her mother was equally as pleasant and now I have some very nice pictures!

    Chelsea said...

    Wow! That's wonderful! Would you like to share the pictures with us?

    Kerry said...

    Haha have to admit that I checked to see if anyone said anything about my comment now don't I... lol!
    I read somewhere on this site where Jen Ehle disapproves of candid pictures of her online and I can respect that. She did after all sign my book "Best wishes."

    Jennite said...

    Nah, it appears we misunderstood about that - candid photos are acceptable after all. But no pressure if you're uncomfortable with it :)

    Hey, would you mind if we posted your story as a blog post? Not everyone reads the comments, and this is one of the few Nothin' Like a Dame reports we've had.

    Kerry said...

    Oh no I don't mind sharing the photos I just didn't want to do anything I wasn't supposed to! As for the stage story do with as you wish - as an extra tidbit Rosemary Harris asked me which direction 8th Ave was after taking a picture with her --- they were headed to the cast party.