Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In the same vein...

More from Kerry, who provided the stage door pics below.

The show was really fun - even from the second to last row! Cynthia Nixon came out and spoke a little about Wendy Wasserstein and said in her honor that they were going to read one of her more famous passages. As a movie person I had never heard of Chronicles of Heidi but she introduced JE and Julianna as Wendy worthy actresses. It was a passage in which Hedi - the main character - goes back to her old school to give a speech about where women are today. They all portrayed Hedi - not different characters. Julianna started, JE continued and Cynthia finished up. They all did a good job but JE is was the only one who had clearly memorized her lines and didn't need the crutch of the binder that was in front of each of them.

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