Monday, June 06, 2005

Photos and video from stage door

Also from [removed]. Click to enlarge.

[EDIT: photos and links removed]

And...The Video [.mov Quicktime file, 2874K, 9 sec] of Jennifer Ehle speaking in her natural American accent. Try not to squeal too loudly.


Anonymous said...

I cannot watch the video! I click on it and it says something about the site being forbidden.

Is it just me or are other people experiencing similar problems?

Natalie said...

(That was me, Natalie. I didn't mean to be anon)

Jennite said...

Strange, anyone else having this problem? Try copy and pasting this address into your broswer:

The link to the file was originally posted here:

Tell me if it still doesn't work and I'll try to find another solution.

Booboo said...

The link to the video still won't work. =(

Sands said...

try this link, and then scroll down to the bottom till you find the link for the video

Anonymous said...

I haven't downloaded it yet...waiting to I get on another computer. But I'm guessing you have to "save as.." to download the clip.

Thanks for the clip.

Richard said...

oooops - sorry guys, that was my fault. If you try it now it should work.