Thursday, June 02, 2005

Philadelphia Story review by a Jennifer Ehle fan

Thanks to Natalie for e-mailing me about her review from The Philadelphia Story.

Jennifer Ehle was the true star though. I admit that the main reason I went was because she is an actress that I admire very much and when I heard that she was doing "the Philadelphia Story" I knew I had to go. But she seriously was fabulous. The audience loved her completely despite her selfishness and she conveyed the way that her character had to get over her inability to be anything less than severe on other people very well indeed. Her voice and diction was good and the accent that she delivered certain lines in was superb. There was one bit in particular that was my favourite. It was the way that her eyes widened wonderfully when she realised what her drunkeness the night before had led to with Connor. The whole audience, even the ones up with the gods laughed. It was really brilliant. She was really brilliant and the entire cast was very brilliant.

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There is also another blogger review at Rullsenberg Rules:

Some have criticised the chemistry between Jennifer Ehle and Kevin Spacey as rather unconvincing. I think that a little harsh: the problem lies more with the dimensions of the inimitable KH for whom this was really structured and into whose shoes it would be hard to imagine any woman fitting. As such, Ehle works hard (but without it seeming to be an effort) to convey the mix of confident coolness and the coy irrepressible delight/frustration felt at CK Dexter Haven. That she does it as well as she does is a credit to her talents.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Thanks for the link. Just as a note, my friend said she spotted that Ehle ma was there on Saturday. I hope she enjoyed the performance as much as the audience did. What I forgot to note on my blog was the wonderful moment at the end when the cast applauded the audience: a nice touch to round off the evening. Ms Ehle remains one of the few British actresses I would have entrusted this difficult role to. if I had half her elegance...

Anonymous said...

You think Jennifer is trying to hide from us underneath that hat. ;)

Jennite said...

Heh, I don't think it really works for anonymity- only celebrities wear hats at night! My theory is that it's to hide post-wig hair :)

PS. Lisa: "few British actresses"- did you know JE was born in North Carolina? Strange but true :)