Monday, June 06, 2005

Got news? competition

Exams are approaching, and Jennifer Ehle news is getting harder to find. Nevertheless, I want to keep up the minimum one post a day standard, which would be considerably easier with your help. Many hands make light work, n'est-ce pas? Here's the incentive: there are 50 Gmail invitations on offer for anyone who e-mails any of the following to

  • Articles and interviews. Recent ones preferred, though rarer, older ones are ok too.
  • A review of The Philadelphia Story written by yourself.
  • A review found on a blog/Livejournal/forum/Yahoo group/other site. Public, no-registration sites preferred.
  • Stage door or other encounter stories.
  • Photos: preferably recent/new official photos, but also older photos that aren't up at Debby Wan's site.
  • Info on or film stills from Alpha Male or The River King. Particularly a synopsis for the former.
  • Leads about where to find recordings of Peter Pan at the Players, Design for Living, and Cause Celeb. Additional prize: undying gratitude.
  • A witty name for the blog.
  • News about Ms Ehle's future projects.
  • News or interesting older material about Rosemary Harris or John Ehle. Preferably mentioning their daughter, of course.
  • Audio or video files.
  • Reviews or articles on Jennifer Ehle DVDs, especially describing or even transcribing the special features, commentary, interviews and such.
  • Some form of proof that you're publicising thhis blog: a link from your own site, or a post on a forum or a submission to a web directory, something like that. Spamming is not encouraged, however.
  • Trivia, obscure links, love letters tucked in scientific books, &c. Really, anything you'd want to share with other fans.
  • A return flight to the UK-- okok, just kidding. Wouldn't be refused, though.

    Gmail accounts are web-based e-mail accounts, much like Hotmail or Yahoo; the difference is that you are allowed a whopping 2 gigabytes of space. It also has nifty functions such as conversation tracking, search capabilities within your e-mails and a very good spam filter.

    The award of invitations will be discretionary, but the standards aren't strict; basically, only duplicates of material from Debby Wan's site or from this blog (use the search bar at the top of the page to check), or distasteful or irrelevant things will be excluded. You're doing us all a favour, after all. Also, if you have your own site you want to publicise, you will also get a link to it from the blog.

    In your entry, include your name or nickname if you want to be acknowledged on the blog, e-mail address (required for the invitation to be sent to you), your site's URL as well as the source of your material, if applicable.

    The competition will last until invitations run out. Let the sleuthing begin!
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