Monday, June 06, 2005

Design for Living: "we clashed facial organs"

From the ever-useful Google cache, an interview with Jennifer Ehle's Design for Living co-star Alan Cumming:

From tartrone:
I love the somersault that you do in Design for Living! Who's idea was it? Will we be seeing you in the Olympics in the near future? Great form!!!

Alan responds:
It was my idea! I'm not going to the Olympics, but I do take great pride in my tumble. It's a great skill to have on my resume. I also love it because people in the audience go, "Whooo!" I tumble over and reach out to Jennifer [Ehle] and sometimes she sticks her nose in my eye and I get a runny eye while I'm kissing her because we clashed facial organs.
From rehteb75:
In Design for Living, the relationships between Gilda, Otto and Leo have to be believable. How did you, Jennifer Ehle and Dominic West work on this dynamic?

Alan responds:
We talked about it a lot in rehearsals and got to know each other. We already knew each other, but I hadn't seen Jennifer or Dominic for ages. When we got together in December to shoot the poster for the show, we talked about it and tried to show [in the photograph] how physically easy we were with one another. It really just grows in rehearsals once you get comfortable with each other. It's kind of embarrassing to have to suddenly kiss someone you've never kissed before, but it's all for the show.

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