Friday, May 05, 2006

Saving the Alpha Male clip

Someone on IMDB has just posted instructions about how to save the Alpha Male clip to your computer, instead of having to watch it embedded in your browser.

The solution is to open this link in Netscape:

This is the link to the embedded "object".

You may have to wait for the whole clip to load before you can download it. Once the clip has loaded, click on the down arrow button on the lower right corner of the movie window. Then select "Save as Quicktime Movie". The filename will be something that doesn't look like a movie filename. You can change it to "" so it can play with Quicktime.

In future, you can get these embedded links yourself by using netscape's "Page Info" feature from the "View" drop-down menu. When the page info window opens, go to the "media" tab and look for the line that has the URL for the embedded object. Go to that URL and you can either download the result after it loads, or if it's even further embedded, repeat the page info process until you get to the root.

I've found that in Firefox you can save by clicking on the link above and waiting until the file loads (warning, it's 16mb). Then go to "File > Save page as" and save the page with a .mov name.

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