Monday, May 08, 2006

Rest for the wicked

Alrighty. Starting today, Monday 8th, we're going to post every second day, not every day. That is: every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. If there's time-critical news on the days in between, we'll still post it up. Or if there's lots of blog fodder, or if we feel like it. But only the aforementioned days are guaranteed.

Why the change? There just isn't new news every day (at least now - we expect June to be busy), and there's a finite, diminishing store of old news, and we have degrees to pass. This doesn't mean our loyalty's waning! We'll still be keeping an eye on the mass media for any signs of big news.

However, just a single additional editor would allow the daily blogging to continue. So if you're interested, please, pretty please, email us at

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