Wednesday, May 03, 2006

525 600

Forget sunsets and cups of coffee, this is how you measure a year in a life: 365 days of daily posting, 800-odd posts, about 61 000 visits and 147 000 page views, far too many Google/eBay/Factiva/blog searches and reviews, countless emails and PM's and forum posts, thousands of pointy brackets, much shameless publicity, one spectacular interview, equal parts stress and squeeing, much goodwill received from many quarters, new skills learned, new friends made across the country and the world.

Yes, dear readers, it has been exactly one year since this blog was born. And what an amazing ride it's been! Permit me to get a bit Oscars-acceptance-speechy on you and thank some of those who have helped keep this thing afloat:

  • Chelsea, fabulous co-conspirator, without whom this blog and probably my sanity would've collapsed long ago.
  • Mary, Sands and Evelyn, for their friendship and support.
  • Everyone who has sent in tips and photos, or shared their reviews and stories. Notably Josie, who has sent a whopping number of photos. Thanks also to those who have answered our questions.
  • The folk of other fandoms who have put up with our pot-banging, such as Pemberley and various Kevin Spacey and Colin Firth sites.
  • People who have helped backstage, particularly the crew of Colin Firth 24-7.
  • All our readers, especially those who have written to encourage us. We really appreciate it!
  • Last but certainly not least, the blog's raison d'ĂȘtre. For her unprecedented generosity, for being the inspiration for all this, and for her work which continues to move and entertain after countless reviewings.

  • Now to the future. When the blog was first created, the goal was to keep up daily posts for a whole year. Not exactly an easy task. So with this anniversary past, we'll be reviewing our posting frequency. Nothing has been decided yet but most likely we'll still guarantee regular posting, just not every single day. Many hands make light work however, so we're renewing our appeal for anyone interested in being a co-editor. You only need to be enthusiastic and committed to a couple of days a week; the technical side is fairly easy. Drop a line to if you're up for it or have any questions. It's good fun, promise.

    Here's to another year of sharing Jennifer Ehle news then!


    Chelsea said...

    Congratulations Tina! Thanks for starting the whole thing.

    And possible co-editors: if I can do the technical stuff, anyone can.

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats Tina. Thanks for all ur support as well. Without u, my life would be dull! Lol. Thanks for helping me through the rough times!;)