Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Harper Lee to blurb Land Breakers?

This is from Press 53, an independent publisher which is going to reprint John Ehle's book The Land Breakers. It's due sometime in June/July.

I think this is the same event as the one reported below - the "really beautiful, and funny passage" must be from Last One Home. Here's a little photo of Mr Ehle doing the reading.

Sheryl and I attended a fundraiser last night for the North Carolina Writers' Network, where John Ehle and his wife, actress Rosemary Harris, we[re] the guests of honor. Mr. Ehle treated everyone by reading a passage from Last One Home. This event took place the day after Mr. Ehle's book, The Land Breakers, was selected by the Forsyth County Public Library for their community reading program, On the Same Page, which will take place this fall. Sheryl and I are very excited about all the readings, discussions and other programs during this five-week celebration.

After Mr. Ehle read last night, I followed by honoring him by reading three of the blurbs we've collected from other well-known writers: Ron Rash (Appalachian Writers Association’s Book of the Year Award for his novel One Foot in Eden), Pinckney Benedict (Dogs of God), and Robert Morgan (Oprah pick, Gap Creek). What I couldn't read, and what I am only going to mention here until we actually receive the blurb, is that Harper Lee ("To Kill a Mockingbird") has promised to also write a blurb for our reissue of The Land Breakers. Sheryl has spoken to Ms. Lee by phone three times; she and Mr. Ehle are old friends. Now it seems that she and Sheryl are becoming good friends. I have not had the honor of speaking to Ms. Lee, which will teach me to be the one taking notes next time Mr. Ehle pulls out his address book.

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