Monday, May 22, 2006

Jennifer Ehle's BBC catalogue

Wow, this is handy- the BBC's open catalogue lists Ms Ehle's involvement with the BBC (though it's not necessarily comprehensive). Here are some of the interesting findings:

  • She was a guest on Talking Movies, a discussion program in 2002.
  • A Pride and Prejudice blooper, something about a shattered lightbulb on Auntie's Brand New Bloomers (I recall reading somewhere that there was swearing action)
  • An on-location interview about Wilde in 1997
  • Another interview from the Olivier Awards in 2000
  • Some kind of involvement in Alan Cumming, Uncovered, a video diary by this Design for Living co-star
  • Strangest of all, she was a reader for Something Understood: An Anthology of Spiritual Verse in 1993. It's a 6-part program on Radio 4, with themes like animals, despair, childhood, ordinary lives, personal faith and the nature of God (!).

    There are also brief synopses of radio plays Keystone and Playing the Wife, as well as the TV play The Maitlands.

    Keystone: Peter LOVESEY's thriller is set among the real stars of silver screen in the heyday of silent movies. Starring Mark STRAKER, Jennifer EHLE & Roger GARTLAND.

    Playing the Wife: Written by Ronald HAYMAN. Derek Jacobi makes a rare radio appearance when he reprises his performance as the Swedish playwright August STINDBERG, seen at the Chichester Festival Theatre.

    The Maitlands: Performance presents the first production of the witty & tragic family drama by Ronald Mckenzie. With Eileen ATKINS,Jennifer EHLE & Edward FOX.

    The pages are particularly useful because they contain dates and BBC broadcast numbers, which probably means you can request them at the British Library's National Sound Archive. Keystone and Playing the Wife can be found by searching "Jennifer Ehle" in the catalogue. You have to be a registered member and book in advance.

    The BBC open catalogue also has a page for Rosemary Harris. It seems we missed her in Hotel Cristobel, a play on Radio 3 in March 2005.

    Hotel Cristobel. By Caryl Phillips. A Caribbean island provides the setting for an intense and personal three-way struggle for control of a fading hotel.
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