Sunday, April 27, 2008

Very little time + very little news = very short post

No flourishes or cheesy commentary today - just links, straight up.

  • Here is another photo of Jennifer Ehle at the Monte Cristo Award ceremony, courtesy of Playbill.

  • Before the Rains was the recipient of the Grand Remi Award at the WorldFest-Houston Film Festival.

  • Cinematical refers to Before the Rains as one of the highlights of the opening night of the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.

  • There's a not-so-good review of Rains at IndieWIRE, where the Tribeca critics categorized the film as "Constipated Beauty."

  • However, to counter that is a positive review at YRFilms:
    Bollywood A-list cinematographer and art house director Santosh Sivan is one of the few directors who has the double duty of lensing as well as directing his own films. He returns with another stunning film after THE TERRORIST left us craving for more of his talent.This film based on a short Israeli film called "Yellow Asphalt: Red Roofs" is about the conflict an Indian man who's torn between his loyalty to the British and his native villagers after he witnesses his boss having an illicit affair with a married maid that threatens his existence in the volatile colonial India of 1930s. A great story with a sumptuous setting along with a superb cast including Linus Roache, Rahul Bose, Nandita Das and Jennifer Ehle makes this film a must see. Sivan brings his magic behind and in front of the camera and makes him one of the best directors in India.
  • I saved the best for last: The Michael Clayton shooting script is available for download at Big Screen Little Screen. (Thanks for the tip T!)

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