Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Pine Terrace"

Greetings everyone,

Good news! We now have the following brief synopsis for Ms Ehle's latest project, the Russell Girl-esque Pine Terrace, which has the tagline "One murder will change the lives of three people who live on this street". Ms Ehle plays the character of Catherine Polk:
[...] The Polks are a wealthy, middle class family living in the city of Rochester, New Hampshire. Richard Polk is an attorney working for one of the best law firms in the state, and his wife Catherine is a stay-at-home mom. Her mother Vivian lives with them, and the two have a teenage son named Aaron. The family lives in a quiet, two-story house on Pine Terrace, and their next door neighbor happens to be their pastor, the Rev. Joseph Friedman. Joseph is a single man who lives by the Bible, except that the only thing he doesn’t follow is the commandment of coveting thy neighbor. Joseph is jealous of Richard’s lifestyle, and he believes that the only way to destroy his life is by killing someone dear to him and the family. [...]
This is what the Press have had to say on the film thus far:

[...] 'Pine Terrace' is the latest film from director Terry George and it’s by far his most brilliant work and is the best film to ever brace the big screen. Terry George directs this wonderful drama film about a New Hampshire family’s aftermath when the couple’s son was brutally murdered by their minister.

The script that both George and Lonergan come up with is well-written, and it is perfectly woven together by the marvelous acting of its cast and characters. The lead performances of John Cusack and Jennifer Ehle create this amazing duo of actors, and their teamwork is some of the best since such film duos like Foster & Hopkins, Nicholson & Fletcher, Finch & Dunaway, Voight & Fonda, Nicholson & Hunt, and even Gable & Colbert.

John Cusack plays Richard Polk, a father who was determined to find his deceased son’s murderer. ... His wife Catherine, played by the talented Jennifer Ehle, is an attention seeking woman, and his absence has caused her to feel lonely and depressed. Ehle delivers her best work to date, and the scene where she sits in the living room with Joseph and tells of her loneliness while shedding tears is marvelous! [...]
The project is not as yet listed on IMDb, although we will of course let you know as soon as it is.


Abi said...

A little joke given the date... Forgive us! xxx

Anonymous said...

Great Joke!

Even funnier is, that I would love to watch this movie, but who wouldn't?!?

Abi said...

Well quite! And although we didn't write it, the person who did certainly cast pretty well (and said nice things!) :)