Saturday, March 17, 2007

Special Agent Ehle

  • The Leonard Lopate radio interview with Billy Crudup, Jennifer Ehle and Brian F. O'Byrne is now online. Here's the mp3 or listen to the streaming audio.
  • Amy Irving's Downstage Centre interview can be listened to online as well.
  • BroadwayWorld reports that Coast of Utopia casting director Daniel Swee will be in one of the American Theatre Wing's Working in the Theatre seminars. The first screening is this Sunday March 18th at 5pm.
  • The LCT blog has been updated by Brendan Lemon. The topic is scene cuts and the departure of David Pittu.
  • Martha Plimpton's blog has new posts with passing mention of Utopia and there's a Salvage slideshow.
  • Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea were spotted at Shipwreck; the audience gave him a standing ovation. You might recall that they also went to Macbeth...
  • Mention of Utopia in the Tastemakers column in Forbes.
  • Variety's Liz Smith on the show:
    [...] Went again to catch some of Tom Stoppard's panoramic epic "The Coast of Utopia" and must say that Jack O'Brien has out-directed, out-witted, out-staggered us with his masterful presentation. The 44-person cast is brilliant. [...]
  • New York Post's summary:
    "THE COAST OF UTOPIA": Four stars Tom Stoppard's thrilling trilogy of 19th-century Russian activists and thinkers, together with their lovers and friends, makes up one of the truly epic theater pieces of our time. Not to be missed.
  • Jack O'Brien advises budding directors in the NY Sun.
  • Indietheatre has a meh review of Salvage but singles out Ms Ehle's "terrific" performance as Malwida.
  • At All That Chat there's a thread about the marathon where Scott Parkinson subbed for Billy Crudup as Belinsky. Most people think he did a fine job. Ms Ehle is also praised for all three roles. Another thread has Tony predictions (Featured Actress).
  • BroadwayWorld forumers discuss their favourite play of the trilogy - Shipwreck is ahead at the moment.
  • Elsewhere in blogland, there's love for Utopia at The Artist Formerly Known As Kay's LJ and Kushal's blog, accidental stagedoorage by Jolene, some motherly pride at Stacey's blog, another verbose variation on the snob hit theme at A War of Position and Movement, and a mostly positive review of The River King at Direct to Video Reviews.
  • Say what?
    [...] Colin decides to modernise Hildegard of Bingen instead. Hildegard is played briefly by Jennifer Ehle. [...]
    Jennifer Ehle has a short but pivotal role as the pro-Parkerist anti-terrorist expert. [...]
    Jennifer Ehle has a small but fast paced role as a translater of Egyptian.

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