Friday, March 09, 2007

Anti-bacterial underwear recommended

  • Michael Schulman of the New Yorker has a piece documenting the Feb 24th marathon (that explains this post's title).
  • mandrakan also reports about a marathon, as does morigian.
  • According to Playbill, Amy Irving's Downstage Center interview will be airing March 9 at 6 PM, March 10 at noon, March 11 at 7 PM and March 14 at midnight.
  • Celia Wren of Commonweal reviews the Coast of Utopia trilogy.
  • Michael Sommers of the Star-Ledger writes about curtain calls, with cool quotage from Martha Plimpton:
    [...] Even more striking is when the cycle is performed on a marathon day. No bows are taken after the first two plays. When the trilogy concludes, the original curtain call template is augmented by another downstage march in three rows. Then the company bends on one knee with heads lowered and a hand over their hearts.

    Plimpton notes several colleagues feared the gesture might seem "corny," but the results provoked "a massive emotional experience."

    "We could finally break the membrane between actors and audience and express our appreciation for going through this with us for nine hours," says Plimpton. "The roof came off the place. We wept." [...]
  • NY Times' summary:
    Lincoln Center Theater’s brave, gorgeous, sprawling and ultimately exhilarating production of Tom Stoppard’s trilogy about intellectuals errant in 19th-century Russia. A testament to the seductive powers of narrative theater, directed with hot and cool canniness by Jack O’Brien and featuring a starry cast (Brian F. O’Byrne, Jennifer Ehle, Martha Plimpton, Josh Hamilton and Ethan Hawke, among others) in a tasty assortment of roles.
  • Trivia: apparently a character from Lost is named for Bakunin. Neato.
  • susabela of All That Chat saw Voyage and thought Ms Ehle's performance one of the standouts. Winnie So watched the same play and also dug it.
  • David Pittu (the awesome singing servant) gets some love from Steve on Broadway. He's going to be in LoveMusik.
  • The River King reviews in ingles and Spanish. The former is specifically unfavourable.
  • Forgot to post this before. Ann, who attended both fanborees (December and February), kindly gave me permission to share her thoughts on Salvage:
    I saw all 3 parts of The Coast of Utopia last weekend. I loved it. While I think "Salvage" would be hard to see without seeing the first 2, when you see all three of them, you realize that you have just had an incredible theater experience. There was a standing ovation from a large part of the audience after "Salvage". It wasn't that it was the best, but it was a reaction to the entire production. I am really looking forward to seeing the marathon in April.

    Jennifer's role was much smaller in this one than her Shipwreck role, but she is there when it opens and for a good part of the first act. The fact that her character is so distinctly different from the ones she played before, demonstrates what a good actress she is.
  • Spider-Man 3 preview on YouTube - there's a Rosemary Harris scene.

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