Monday, March 26, 2007

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  • In the Winston-Salem Journal, an article about the 35th anniversary of the Creative Learning Center for Very Young Children. There's mention of Ms Ehle as one of its first alumni.
    [...] Agnes David, a retired private kindergarten teacher who donated a watercolor painting to the silent auction, called the school "the best children's program around." The program started with [founder Othella] Johnson's own sons, Nathan and Matthew, actress Jennifer Ehle and two other children. Today about 45 children, ages 1 1/2 to 5, are enrolled, and five other teachers work with Johnson. [...]
  • These BroadwayWorlders report from the latest marathon: an absolute ball by all accounts. Sez D2:
    This is why I prefer live theater above all other art forms. THE COAST OF UTOPIA, all twelve glorious hours of it, was one of the most thrilling theatrical events I've ever witnessed in over 30 years of theater-going - a true masterpiece where all the pieces come together into one seamless, enthralling whole. Everything about it, from the design, to the performances, to the direction and of course the writing, is exceptional, and it all adds up to one exhilarating experience that should not be missed by anyone who really cares about theater and the ideas and emotions it can inspire.
    Note this little exchange in the thread:
    jewishboy: D2- didn't you love Jennifer Ehle at curtain call?
    She and Martha Plimpton were laughing hysterically throughout the curtain call tonight. Plimpton also tripped on the hem of her dress as she ran off.
    Among the marathon survivors were Meryl Streep, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Tony Roberts, Penny Fuller and Clare Danes, as spotted by D2.
  • Eileen also loved the occasion as well, recounting how camaraderie grew among the audience members.
  • Dafna's another happy Vegemite marathoner. Mention:
    [...] None of the women played roles that went through all three plays, but Jennifer Ehle (I've seen her in "The Real Thing" on stage since then, but she's still Elizabeth to Colin Firth's Darcy in my brain) was definitely the lead actress -- she played Herzen's wife in the second play and his nanny/housekeeper in the third and one of the key Bakunin sisters in the first. She was also great -- and as much fun as it is to see someone play the same character over time it's almost more fun to see them play different ones -- as the nanny in the third play, for example, even though most of her scenes were again with O'Byrne, she made you forget they'd been playing husband and wife just two hours before. [...]
  • ThePowerThatIs also ran the marathon and recommends the show to everyone who isn't averse to Mr Hawke, or names ending in -sky or -ev.
  • Can't please everyone- author Gwen Davis walked out midway through Shipwreck at the marathon. Before the best part!
    At Condition Critical is an audio review of Utopia by Bill Marx, mixed-to-negative.
  • June Cohen saw Voyage and was disappointed about the lack of meatiness of the female roles, but was impressed by the production as a whole.
  • Ethan Stanislawski saw the same play with his history professor dad. Verdict?
    [...] After the first act, my father stormed out of the theater—and went straight to the box office, to buy tickets to the two other plays in the trilogy. [...]

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