Sunday, March 04, 2007

More as promised

  • Chapter 3 of Brendan Lemon's essay about Alexander Herzen is up at the LCT site.
  • has a Word of Mouth review of Salvage with video. At the same place, John Simon asks whether Utopia marks the return of epic theatre (verdict: nope).
  • The second marathon is on today. Again, bon voyage/courage to all! Chowhound people discuss eating on marathon days - go for small meals, long walks and ditch alcohol in favour of caffeine, is the advice.
  • Terry Teachout excerpts part of his Washing Post rave review of Salvage on his blog About Last Night.
  • Ricky Patterson found Ms Ehle's performance riveting, not so the rest of Utopia.
  • This Yale guy's photoblog documents his ordeal getting to Shipwreck, which he was confused by. (I don't think the "JE" he refers to is same as ours...)
  • The calendar featuring the dozen actresses of Utopia is now available online or in the lobby.
  • Jaime of surplus doesn't like Salvage as much as the other two parts, finding that the story gets lost in the ideas.
  • Even the WSJ Law Blog manages to name-drop Utopia.
  • Wrote to the LCT on Feb 17 asking when the transcript from the Platform Series Q&A with Tom Stoppard would be online, they said within two weeks, ie. now. It's not up yet, but watch this space.
  • The River King came out in Spain on Friday March 2nd. Cineando gives it 2 stars (en español, por supuesto). Cap below is from there.

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