Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Enjoy the show, Mr President?

I had the Sagittarian good fortune of being present at the aforementioned Wednesday night performance of Shipwreck. It is the third time I've seen part two, and the audience was the best yet (even before the Clinton-ized intermission). After it, it was electric. Beautiful summer-like evening too. Fabulous.

I noticed a few changes in dialogue and direction since I last saw it back in December, but nothing major. The only examples I can think of off-hand are the George/Natalie/Natasha scene in Act One (no "And you were one of hers") and the Natalie/Emma/Herzen scene in Act Two (Natalie sits after "What strength I have..." not before). Whether these were just natural changes on the night or deliberate alterations, I am of course not qualified or knowledgeable enough to say. But great show, whichever.

Going back a few light years to This Year's Love, here is what Ms Ehle had to say on this fab film while making it, taken from the interview on the DVD:

I thought the script captured something that I hadn't read before - a side of London that I hadn't seen portrayed in a film before. Its very urban, young and sexy and funny. The characters aren't particularly healthy, and...you watch them make mistakes again and again.
I thought it was very funny and very well-observed. There was just something about it that I really loved.

Talented writer David Kane also praises Ms Ehle's attempt at single mum Sophie:
Jennifer Ehle had to play a character that was quite selfish and cold, and a lot of people wouldn't have wanted to play that kind of part or that kind of character.

Well she did, and what a good job she did too. That's all folks.

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