Saturday, July 15, 2006

Janice's report

Thanks Janice.

I had a great time at the Friday eve performance of Macbeth. I always felt that the setting should give a feeling of glumness and despair. The rain and pending storm was perfect (from my perspective as a spectator). I thought your performance was excellent. I have always thought that Lady Macbeth is a juicy role but have seen other performances with weak actors, or maybe it could have been the director’s fault. I always felt that Lady Macbeth was a force to be reckoned with and really directed her husband’s actions but as we all know, the powers of the mind can afflict anyone and Lady Macbeth was not immune to that. I look forward to your future projects. Hope you’re enjoying the show.

The last time I saw Macbeth was in Seattle at their Shakespeare in the Park series last summer. My husband played Ross and Porter. It was fun to see a larger scale, more funded production, although I must admit, there are some fantastic regional productions out there!

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PS. Sorry about Friday, confusion on my part.

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Chelsea said...

Nup, friday was my fault. Soz.