Friday, July 07, 2006

Barbican Alpha Male tix

You can now book tickets for screenings of Alpha Male at the Barbican, running from August 11 - 24.

They've got this blurb from Anton Bitel of Total Film:

"Subtly written, beautifully performed, and moving without being mawkish... it’s 'Three Birthdays and a Funeral' but without a trace of Hugh Grant's comic bumbling"

Can't wait!

Oh yeah, the Google HTML cache of El Interview is back up (original's in PDF format). Here: Part 1 (career & profession), Part 2 (specific works), Parts 3-5 (motherhood & family; geography, nationality & accent; interests & personality), Parts 5-6 (misc & silly questions; Colin Firth/Kevin Spacey fangirl questions). The formatting's still funky though.

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