Friday, July 07, 2006

Google provides

Voila, the Charlie Rose interview with Liev Schreiber is online thanks to Google Video. It's not very dialup-friendly but apparently has two clips from Macbeth. Word from ATC is that it's repeating at 1.30pm today (Thursday).

Still can't find the ABC feature for free anywhere, so you might have to sign up for a trial subscription. Only for Windowsers though, curses.

To the roundup - nothing very exciting. Reviews from Village Voice and blogger Jaime aren't very enthusiastic. Elsewhere in blogland, chelseagirl147 digs the Macbeths' chemistry and is surprised at Ms Ehle's American accent while delancey reckons Mr Schreiber's accent goes Deep South when he's emoting.

Whatever, you have only a couple of days left to make up your own mind about Macbeth! It closes on July 9th.

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