Friday, July 21, 2006

Alpha Male screenings, etc

The Curzon Mayfair is showing Alpha Male at 6.30pm and 9pm from August 11th to 14th. It's getting a longer run at the Barbican, til the 24th. Distributor Verve Pictures says that the film will also be screening at Cineworld Haymarket and Fulham Road, although Launching Films indicates that it'll be showing at "Cineworld Shaftesbury Ave. & Nationwide".

On the blogs it's back to the old chatter about Pride and Prejudice. Manasi Subramaniam on the leads:

Colin Firth as Darcy - possibly the most attractive literary character created at least until the appearance of the sordid, brooding Edward Rochester in 1847 - is so deliciously morose, that you actually forgive him, at some point, for being Colin Firth. But the stealer of the show, without doubt, is, more than Ehle herself as Elizabeth, the ever-laughing, perpetually amused pair of eyes that Ehle possesses, eyes that were alluded to by Darcy at the ball in Chapter Six. If for nothing but those eyes, Ehle is brilliant casting.

More praise for said eyes at UnNatural History, in Possession this time, though the romantic plot touches on some sore points for the author.

Continuing with the Macbeth scraps, John Heilpurn of the NY Observer gives a thumbs down. And Terry is outed.

John Ehle will be attending the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival on September 15th-16th.

PS. The Alpha Male trailer has just been rated by the BBFC so keep an eye out.

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