Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ehle Library 2.0

In the past, there used to be a lending library that was run through EhleNews. This collection included all of Jennifer Ehle's rarer works as well as videos of interviews and the like. Unfortunately the lending library shut down several years ago, but we'd like to resurrect it. Holdings would probably include:

  • TV movies: Beyond Reason, Pleasure, Self-Catering and The Maitlands.
  • TV appearances: Mierella Folstrup interview (1999), Late Lunch (1999), Variety awards, Tony Brunch, Charlie Rose, BBC America for Possession, BAFTA awards (1996) and Tony awards (2000).

    Are you interested? There needs to be a critical mass for this project to be worthwhile.

    Ehle Library 2.0 would differ in several ways from the original. Firstly, we want to get the VHS tapes converted into DVDs, since they're durable, copiable and easy to post. Secondly, we want to make the library global, not just restricted to the US as it was previously. Third, whereas the version 1.0 library lent out items on a request basis, in version 2.0 the entire collection will be circulated as a set of about 6 DVDs. The idea is that from the master set, a number of lending sets would be dispatched to each region, eg. Australasia, UK/Europe, US/Canada, rest of the world. Postage would work on a "pay it forward" fashion: each person would post the set to the next person in line from their region, within a deadline. Each region would have its own queue. As with the old library you would be required to share your views on the work.

    Ok. So if you're interested, e-mail us at jenniferehle@gmail.com with the following information:

    Subject line: "Ehle Library"
    1. Your name or alias:
    2. E-mail address:
    3. City/state and country:
    4. Would you contribute $5-10 USD to help set up the library, if it meant you had priority in the queue?
    5. Other queries/suggestions:

    This is not signing-up for library membership; we just want to find out the numbers and regions to see if the project is viable. Your answer to #4 isn't binding.
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