Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We're gonna catch a big one

Adorable. This is by Kelly Bennett (!) of the Winston-Salem Journal on April 8th, entitled Rosie the riveter: a bear, an adventure, and all told in a British accent. No photo since the article's from a database.

Rosemary Harris (above), a longtime stage actress in London and New York who is most recently known for her role as Aunt May Parker in the Spider-Man movies, read yesterday from We're Going on a Bear Hunt to preschoolers at the Special Children's School in Winston-Salem. Harris was participating in Young Children's Week, celebrated by the National Association for the Education of Young Children to promote early-childhood education. Harris and her husband, writer John Ehle, live part of the time in Winston-Salem. Their daughter, Jennifer Ehle, attended the N.C. School of the Arts. Geni Cameron (right), an assistant teacher at the Special Children's School, and preschool students Ava Schreier, 2, and Brady Warlow, 3, sit riveted by the story.

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