Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Abby Tierney

That's the name of Ms Ehle's character in Pride and Glory, according to the IMDB insider.

She took over Samantha Morton's part, the role of Abby Tierney. Abby is married to Noah Emmerich's character, Francis Tierney, Jr. Francis is son to Francis, Sr. (Jon Voight), brother to Ray (Ed Norton), and brother in law to Jimmy Egan (Colin Farrell).

And for today's Odd Spot, I received this Monroe Times article through a news alert. A possible alternative explanation for her "special thanks" in The Hole?

Outhouses topic of genealogical meeting
"Historic Outhouses: The "Hole" Story" will be presented by Jennifer Ehle to the Green County Genealogical Society at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 6. Attendees will be bound to their seats by a theme of interest to gardeners, historians, friends of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Colonial Dames and all genealogists.
Ehle is a board member for the Rock County and Wisconsin State Genealogical Societies, past president of the Friends of the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Society of Colonial Dames of XVII Century. She is a national officer for the Colonial Dames of XVII Century (Librarian General).

Before Wisconsin fans get too excited, I'm pretty sure that's not our Jennifer Ehle. But if you're fond of outdoor sanitation, feel free to check for yourself.

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Chelsea said...

No, pretty confident it's not OUR Jennifer Ehle. haha.