Friday, April 21, 2006

"A softly unfolding Keats poem"

Blogger John T. waxes lyrical:

Jennifer Ehle (Pride and Prejudice)-Going from a multiple Emmy winner to a Tony winner, you can't really tell how Jennifer Ehle could have possibly been made for the stage-I mean, I love her, and she's all there as an actress, but her brilliant symmetry just doesn't seem like it would work well in the louder, more on-the-spot world of the theater. Watching her as the divine Elizabeth Bennett is like watching a softly unfolding Keats poem. If there was ever an actress I've wondered more about, I can't think of one offhand-how could she not have a major film career with a performance this radiant? Aside from that film with Ralph Fiennes (Sunrise-which is high on my Netflix queue-Ralph and my Jennifer, I can hardly wait), there's nada. But no matter-even if she never creates anything else, she will live on in my memory as a stubborn, vibrant Elizabeth Bennett. Not handsome-it's a pity for Mr. Darcy that he couldn't realize her many excellent qualities at the beginning of the film. As for the audience, who received one of the best miniseries ever, we have no such complaints.

Don't worry, I've let him know that his Jennifer has lots of new work coming up.

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