Friday, April 28, 2006

Pride and gloating

About eleven days after us (thanks again LAonit!), word of Ms Ehle's involvement in Pride and Glory has reached the media - Comingsoon via The Hollywood Reporter.

Jennifer Ehle has signed on to star opposite Edward Norton and Colin Farrell in New Line Cinema's crime drama Pride and Glory, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Ehle will play Abby Tierney, a role that Samantha Morton was attached to play. Morton dropped out because of scheduling conflicts.

The story revolves around a three-generation family of New York cops. The family is thrown into turmoil when one son (Norton) uncovers a police corruption scandal involving his brother.

"Scheduling conflicts" might be a euphemism, according to the goss on the IMDB forums. Speaking of which, the Pride and Glory insider molassey posts weekly location updates.

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