Friday, April 14, 2006

Holly Bolly*

Not a mention of Ms Ehle in this Rahul Bose interview by The Hindu, but there's some insight into the Indian-American collaboration.

But clearly, what he's really taken up by is Santosh Sivan's English film `Road to the Sky,' a film set in 1937. It is a story of friendship between a Malayali boy (Bose) and a British tea planter, who wants to build a road that will open the spice route to the village, in the backdrop of the Indian freedom struggle. "The greatest filmic experience of my life is `Road to the Sky.' No question. What was not special about that film? It's a Hollywood production. But thank God there are still some companies in Hollywood that make sensible cinema. American producers can be a nightmare. They have tremendous control over a film, unlike in India where the director calls the shots. But these guys were anything but the stereotype. They were compassionate and passionate. They were involved yet not interfering. And I'm the lynchpin of the film," he says Obviously he had great fun filming for it: "Six thousand feet, two degrees centigrade at night, playing squash every evening after shooting. I was in heaven! Away from the madding crowd, journalists," he says with a wide smile.

*alright, so it's not Bollywood. Work with us here.

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