Saturday, July 23, 2005

I jut my chin at you, sir

At Empics, there are a few smallish photos of Jennifer Ehle at the Philadelphia Story party from the 11th of May at the Trafalgar Hilton . Only one is new, I believe. There are also some snaps from the 1998 BAFTAS, of Stephen Fry caressing Ms Ehle's chin for some reason.

The Universal Pictorial & Press Agency has a handful of photos as yet unseen by yours truly. In chronological order:
  • 1992: with Rosemary Harris at the Radio Times Comedy and Drama Awards
  • 1996: again with her mother, this time wearing a splendid red cloak, at the Evening Standard British Film Awards
  • 1997: paying a visit to 10 Downing Street.
  • 1997: at the same occasion. She's walking with Kevin Spacey and Sinead Cusack.
  • 2000: unknown event. She wears a long leather jacket. Très chic.
  • 2000: same event, with Rosemary Harris.
  • 2000: "seen in New York".

    Right click on the links and "Open New Window" to keep this window open while browsing the photos. Or, (plug alert), move to tabbed browsing.

    [edit: links to the first couple of photos fixed *touching wood with crossed fingers*; if they still don't work, search "Ehle" at Empics or UPPA. Thanks to the anonymous commenter below for the tip]
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    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the pics. I'd never seen them before and I thought I had seen them all.
    FYI, I couldn't get the firt couple to work.

    Thanks for everything you do.