Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Changing of the guard

Courtesy of Ann from the EhleNews group.

I was lucky enough to see The Philadelphia Story on June 18 and on June 22. It was the last matinee performance with Kevin Spacey and the first matinee with Adrian Lukis. I enjoyed both performances. The Saturday performance was sold out and very hot. I was amazed that Jennifer looked comfortable in all those long sleeved costumes. I hoped the air conditioning was better on stage than in the middle of the orchestra section. I was glad I had the chance to see it with Kevin Spacey. The audience was very receptive and some gave a standing ovation. My brother was impressed that Spacey gave Jennifer the star bow. The Wednesday performance was only half full, but I was able to get a seat in the sixth row. Seeing a second time and being able to watch Jennifer that close was wonderful. I thought she was excellent. I think that she has a very distinctive voice, which makes her very "Hepburnish" without doing an imitation.

I am sorry I don't have any stage door stories. Since I went to matinee and I read here that she does not leave between performances, I did not try. I have seen her in The Real Thing in London and New York, Summerfolk, Design for Living, and now The Philadelphia Story without seeing her at the stage door. I did speak to her once after a Design for Living performance when the actors collected money for a charity.

I am really glad to see Jennifer working again and that she got such a good part after taking such a long break.

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