Friday, July 22, 2005

Empress Ehle

This makes it a hat trick from our friends at EhleNews. There's a report that the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles will be released on DVD. Jennifer Ehle is in Chapter 13 as Empress Zita of Austria.

"Two years of work has already been completed on an eventual DVD box set of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Complete Series, but it likely will not be released until the eventual theatrical or DVD debut of Indiana Jones 4." [from a DigitalBit update on ComicCon]

That's not entirely unexpected, but since the long-awaited fourth Indy movie isn't entirely launched yet (the latest rumors that have reached our ears is that they are still finalizing the shooting script), it means that we probably won't have the film in theaters by the end of 2006...meaning that the DVDs of the TV show won't be getting released by then, either.

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