Saturday, July 02, 2005

20 Questions with Adrian Lukis

From WhatsOnstage. Warning, it might just make you start to like Wickham. And looky, the first photo of Adrian Lukis as CK Dexter.

Favourite co-stars
Abigail McKern was lovely in Dead Funny, playing my wife; Abigail Thaw in Macbeth at Salisbury was really lovely; Jennifer Ehle who I’m now doing The Philadelphia Story with was in Pride and Prejudice, of course, and we got on very well then, so it’s lovely to be reunited with her; the boys in Cloaca; and dear Paul Kaye in Dinner - he’s a mad, mad boy!
Why did you want to accept your part in The Philadelphia Story?
Funnily enough, I enquired into getting the rights to this play about four or five years ago. I’d seen the film on television and it reminded me what a good piece it is and how funny it is. I phoned my agent, who chortled and said, “we’ll never get the rights, (West End producer) Duncan Weldon has had them for years”. So it’s fairly fortuitous that this has happened – though to be honest, I think they were trying to get some American star in, but that’s the way this business works! It would have been very vain of me to be upset by that. But I’d seen the production and really enjoyed it. I like the play, obviously, and it’s really, really lovely to meet up with Jennifer again after all these years. She’s a really good person and very straightforward. Then this offer came through, and I’m very happy to do it.

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