Thursday, July 07, 2005

Britevents debates Philadelphia Story

Well, it seems The Philadelphia Story leaves no one indifferent, as this string of reviews from Britevents proves. Some people left at the second interval, others thought it a masterpiece. You can join the fray by adding your review at the bottom of the page.

Some samples of the sniping:

"Sorry to say that we decided to leave during the second interval - the Old Vic’s uncomfortable seating numbing our behinds in addition to the play numbing our wits. Avoid."

"Jennifer Ehle is woefully miscast...I also found Ehle’s costumery to be poorly chosen. She looked more milk maid than ice maiden."

"Ehle miscast? As whom, Tracy Lord or Katherine Hepburn? That’s the trouble with the negative reviews I have seen for this play - folks either want to see the movie or ’High Society’ acted out in front of them, so they are on a hiding to nothing."

"Ehle really is perhaps the finest actress alive today."

"The characters are so flat and uninspiring that we just didn’t care to remain for the outcome of this tedious waste of a theatre. What is Spacey doing?"

"Their carping is as absurd as that of someone going to a football match and complaining that all it was was a lot of men kicking a ball about!"


[edited to add the finest actress comment. Couldn't resist]

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Anonymous said...

I've just submitted my review. How people can leave during the show I've no idea - I really enjoyed it.