Monday, December 19, 2005

Mini Backbeat reviews

Two of the few reviews that actually mention Ms Ehle's performance in Backbeat.

  • "Backbeat scores with tale of relationships", Mal Vincent, Virginian-Pilot & Ledger-Star, May 7th 1994.
    Gary Bakewell looks like Paul McCartney and plays him as if he were a whining and ambitious pest. Jennifer Ehle is suitably commonplace as Cynthia, who became Lennon's first wife.

  • "Forgotten Beatle's tale told", Sharon Johnson, Harrisburg Patriot, May 9th 1994.
    Gary Bakewell and Chris O'Neill capture the look and sound of McCartney and Harrison while Jennifer Ehle (the daughter of actress Rosemary Harris) is suitably poignant as Cynthia Powell who will achieve her dream of being Mrs. John Lennon, though not for long.
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