Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Self Catering is the Obscure Research Project of the moment (at least it's more productive than sudoku). The present haul:

  • Ryan K Johnson's review

    Alan Bleasdale produced this Channel 4 allegorical movie about five survivors on a desert island after a plane crash. The two men and three women adopt new names based on movie stars and then begin to act the parts. John Gordon-Sinclair (who calls himself "Henry" -- thinking he's Henry Fonda) sums it up best when he says, "I think we're all in the company of people who in other circumstances we'd arrange our lives to avoid." That doesn't mean that every possible sexual combination isn't first attempted by the group, which culminates in a bizarre, serio-comic non-ending that the British seem to adore in these sorts of films. Looked at it one way, this is the deconstructionist version of Gilligan's Island.

  • EhleNews has a couple of reviews from fans. You need to be a member to read them - do join, the archives hold many treasures.
  • And another review from IMDB...

    This is an average film that just happens to contain a large number of memorable quotes, and for that reason alone I would have to say that I enjoyed this movie. The storyline is rather uninspired, as this film tells the story of five completely different people who live in isolation after being the lone survivors of a plane crash. Needless to say, these polar opposites continually butt heads, and civil conversations almost always disintegrate into heated arguments. Yet having said all that, I still managed to like this film. The performances are all good, it moves along at a good pace, and the writing is clever enough that I still remember lines from this film, even though I haven't seen it in four years. I'm not quite sure of how available this film is, but if you ever come across it, give it a chance.
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