Friday, December 09, 2005

As promised...

I've posted my thoughts on The River King at the forum. It's pretty long, so here's the relevant bit:

Need I say anything about JE? Of course she stood out. Of course I wanted more screen time. That, at least, was expected. Seriously though, I totally bought her as the caring teacher who’s unfulfilled by her relationship with her jerk of a fiancĂ©. Her best scene was when they converse on entirely different wavelengths over breakfast, I reckon. Have to add, she looked fabulous in this. I dig the short brown hair. And the natural accent goodness!

However, as Chelsea noted, the affair between Abel and Betsy wasn’t quite right. Sort of gratuitous. I didn’t really understand why these characters were attracted to each other, let alone falling into bed with each other. I think it was because you don’t really get that much background about them – Abel is shown as relationship-shy in one scene, and then soon after, he’s meant to be making puppy eyes at Betsy. The kiddies’ triangle was more fleshed out and more essential to the story.

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