Friday, December 30, 2005

Birthday mentions

Ms Ehle's birthday is mentioned in several places today. Apparently she shares it with Jude Law, president Andrew Johnson and the YMCA, amongst others!

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Anonymous said...

My 38th birthday party having recently come to a close, I poured the last of the wine and turned on my computer to add a few movies to my Netflix queue. Two of my guests mentioned to them, and I wanted to do this before I forgot.

The fine folks at Netflix recommend that I should rent "Pride and Prejudice", since I liked "Much Ado About Nothing" so much. I've seen it before, and liked it, as did my wife. I take a quick look at the details of the show and discover, wow, Ms. Ehle shares my birthday, albeit two years younger than I. What a coincidence that I should discover this on our birthday!

Allow me to extend a warm birthday greeting to you, and to express my hopes that your celebration was as touching as mine.

Best regards,
David Potter